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Criptosampa – Actantes

CriptoSampa Project – Workshops for dissemination of digital security and cryptography

In August 2016, we were invited to the CriptoSampa project to spread the debate about privacy, security and freedom in the network, for the second time, in the –—EDITAL— “Redes e Ruas”of the Municipality of São Paulo”. CriptoSampa was –- in the Culture Points of the outskirts of the city of São Paulo and in a Culture Point within a very traditional feminist organization.

Some workshops we did in 2016/2017:

Casa Ecoativa/CEDECA

In the first stage of the project, the team of Actantes and TVDrone visited important spaces in Grajaú, extreme south of the city of São Paulo, where cultural activities involving digital technology are being developed. At Casa Ecoativa, in Ilha do Bororé, we held an Install Fest and a workshop of security techniques for mobile devices. And at Cedeca Interlagos we held an information security workshop. The activities were carried out in partnership with the collective Periferia Hacker.


Sociedade Amigos da Vila Constança – SAVIC

In November 2016, we held workshops of the CriptoSampa project at Sociedade Amigos da Vila Constança – SAVIC, North Zone of São Paulo. In addition to educational projects, SAVIC maintains an FM radio, also transmitted over the internet, with various programs and wide audience. In the first workshop we did an introduction to network security tools, where we talked about mechanisms of surveillance and intrusion, ways of monitoring the network and simple tools to protect the right to privacy. In the second meeting, we introduced and installed communication security tools for mobile phones. In the third, we talked about simple ways of streaming – that is, we opened the possibility of creating a SAVIC webTV channel, aimed at publicizing the work developed by the organization in more spaces reaching more people.

Dandara Cultural Institute

In November 2016, we held workshops at the Instituto Cultural Dandara and CEU Alvarenga. At CEU, we promoted three workshops. The first on secure communication, the second on streaming and the third on free software.

SOF – Sempreviva Organização Feminista

Between November and December 2016 we held workshops on the CriptoSampa project at the Sempreviva Organização Feminista, in Pinheiros, West Zone of São Paulo. They were workshops for women only, including organization activists and the general public. In the first meeting, we talked about network mapping. In the second we talked about safety culture. And in the third we installed security tools on mobile devices.

Libertários do Capão

In December 2016, we did workshops at Libertarios do Capão culture point. At first, we did an introduction and talked about HTML and WordPress websites. In the second meeting we talked about practices and techniques of streaming. In the third, the workshop was about secure communication for mobile phones.

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