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We are a collective that organizes direct actions for free communication in digital networks.

Against the control society we fight for privacy and the right to anonymous navigation.

We combat informatics of domination, formats of imprisonment, technologies of submission and the new colonization by the private appropriation of the genetic codes.

We uphold the right of people to freely share knowledge and cultural assets.

We are actantes because we know that hybrids populate our relations.

We do not divide nature from culture, nor technology from arts.

We seek new syntheses and build the future from recombinant practices.

Technologies are created and used to amuse and to oppress, but also to save and to liberate.

Therefore, we explore their ambivalence and the entire ideological dimension of plugins, protocols and software.

We are actantes and we organize direct actions.

We are actantes and we work at interactive learning areas.

We are actantes and we develop technology courses for activism.

We are actantes to hack the control society, to annul biopolitics of modulation, to organize the defense of freedom, privacy and diversity.